We are the Dark Arts Journal and we exist to publish and promote upcoming and emerging voices in the field of Gothic Studies.

The journal operates on open access policies and has its own peer review process. Updates are published twice a year and previous editions are available for download in pdf format.

The DAJ is part of the Dark Arts Network, a tool for allowing exciting new scholars to gain experience, gain connections and contribute to their field. The Dark Arts Journal is published by the Dark Arts Network in Manchester, UK with the support of the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies, part of Manchester Metropolitan University as well as Sheffield University’s Centre for the History of the Gothic.

The Dark Arts Journal is guided by an experienced body of scholars who make up an advisory board. Current members are listed below:

: Dr Linnie Blake, Principal Lecturer and head of the Manchester Centre For Gothic Studies (MMU)

: Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes, Senior Lecturer in English (MMU)

: Prof Sue Zlosnik, Emeritus Professor in Gothic Literature (MMU)

: Dr Catherine Spooner, Reader in Literature and Culture (Lancaster University) and President of the International Gothic Association

: Dr Anna Powell, Research Fellow (MMU)

: Dr Stacey Abbott, Reader in Film and Television Studies (Roehampton University)

: Dr Claire Nally, Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century English Literature (Northumbria University)

: Dr Matt Foley, Lecturer in English Studies (University of Stirling)

: Dr Sorcha Ni Fhlainn, Lecturer in Film Studies and Contemporary American Literature (MMU)

: Prof David Punter, Professor of English (University of Bristol)

: Dr Andrew Smith, Reader in Nineteenth Century Literature (University of Sheffield)

: Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Reader in Popular Media and Culture (Auckland University of Technology) & President of the Gothic Association of Australia and New Zealand

: Prof Angela Wright, Professor of Romantic Literature (University of Sheffield) and President of the International Gothic Association

: Dr Kevin Corstorphine, Lecturer in English (University of Hull)

: Dr Catherine Wynne, Senior Lecturer in English (University of Hull)

: Prof Fred Botting, Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing (Kingston University)


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