The Gothic Subject

Here at Dark Arts, we’re very proud to announce that volume 1, issue 1 of the journal is now live.

Individual papers can be accessed from the top bar, or using the links below:

Editor’s Introduction

Daniel Southward – Frame Narratives and the Gothic Subject

Graham Holderness – Gender and Sexuality in Dracula

Kathleen Hudson – Servants, Stories, and the Gothic Subject: Narrating the Gothic Self in Regina Maria Roche’s Clermont

Richard Gough Thomas – The Mutilation of Charles Mandeville: Legitimate Violence and Illegitimate Hatred in William Godwin’s Tale of the Seventeenth Century

Jon Greenaway – They are what is called ordinary people – Engleby, The Wasp Factory and Violence

Sandra Mills – Wholly Real and Yet Entirely Other: Monstrous Marionettes in Angela Carter

Rachid M’Rabty – “This is how Life presents itself. This is what being Patrick means” – Rereading Violence in American Psycho


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